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Ultherapy: your VIP invitation

Ultherapy: your VIP invitation
Rejuvenate Rx Launches Ultherapy® … The Non-Invasive Facelift
Join us for an exclusive event!
• Presentation on Ultherapy®, demonstrations, & mini treatments
• Plenty of treats, vino, giveaways, & hospitality
• Please RSVP, there are only a few spaces available
• January 29, 2015 | 4pm – 6pm | 509.290.6149
Ultherapy® is the only non-invasive procedure cleared by the FDA to lift skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the eyebrow.
Need a lift? Would you like to appear more bright-eyed, enjoy smoother skin, and look younger? No, you don’t need surgery. Rejuvenate Rx now offers Ultherapy®  – According to Ulthera, Inc. (founded in 2004), this time-tested ultrasound energy helps lift and tighten the skin naturally, without surgery or downtime. ”Ultrasound energy” is the science of sound waves that humans can’t hear.
Ultherapy® delivers energy to the connective tissue below the skin and heats the skin at the same time – the combination creates an excellent lifting and tightening of the skin. Ultherapy® can focus the energy to the spots where you need collagen to regenerate itself, without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.
Rejuvenate’s Dr. Gwyneth Blattau-Gay says, “We’re so excited to offer Ultherapy®, we’ll be able to have an even stronger impact on anti-aging for our clients. Plus, the technique suits our mission of offering access to healthy, non-invasive skin care for a more youthful appearance.”
Dr. Gwyn and her team have been smoothing wrinkles and nurturing skin with innovative techniques and great preventative products, including SkinCeuticals, since Rejuvenate Rx opened on the North Side nearly three years ago. Rejuvenate Rx opened in its brand new, customized location this summer (Wanderemere shopping area).
You’re a good candidate for Ultherapy® if your skin has started to feel and look less firm. Dr. Gwyn says, “We can tighten up a lowered eyebrow line, loose skin on the neck, sagging under the chin, and lines or wrinkles on your chest. It’s awesome!


Ultherapy-RejuvenateRx-1Ultherapy  (by UltheraTM) lifts and tightens!

This non-surgical procedure is for the face, neck and décolletage. It stimulates the body’s own natural healing process to lift and tighten the skin over time. The use of FDA-cleared micro-focused ultrasound technology enables us to see and then treat the deepest support layers of the skin. This approach allows for the same results typically addressed in cosmetic surgery without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

With just one Ultherapy treatment at Rejuvenate Rx the lifting process is initiated. The effect however, will build gradually over the course of two to three months as new, stronger collagen is created. Further improvements can even appear up to twelve months following a single Ultherapy procedure as the collagen-building process continues. Stop by our office in Wandermere West or call us at (509)290-6149 to learn more about Ulthera in Spokane.


Cute cheeks with VolumaTM at Rejuvenate Rx

Cute cheeks with VolumaTM at Rejuvenate Rx

Wrinkles and age spots aren’t the only problems as we age. There is another large part of the aging equation: Volume loss.  Volume loss in the cheeks causes our faces to flatten which causes the skin on our faces to migrate lower and look saggy.

Before Juvederm Voluma XC and 1 month post-treatment. A total of 3.5 ml was injected into the cheek area.

Enter VolumaTM from Allergan.  VolumaTM is the first and only FDA approved filler to add volume to the cheek area, mainly on the cheek bone.  VolumaTM gives you back lifted, youthful, cute cheeks for up to 2 years.   There is very little, if any recovery time and your results are instant.

We are happy to share with you more information over the phone or in complimentary office consultation.  Give us a call at (509)290-6149.

–Dr. Gwyn

Are you angry?

Glabellar lines (also called frown lines) are vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows as we get older.  Over time, repeated muscle contraction combined with less skin elasticity results in those lines becoming visible even when we are not frowning.   As we age, muscles may also develop some residual tonicity (incomplete muscle relaxation) that makes the creases visible even when we are “relaxed.”

What to do about it?

Refraining from knitting your eyebrows is one technique for avoiding glabellar creases.  This may work for those of us who are able to employ this strategy.  I tend to knit my brows at the slightest need for concentration (epic fail on that one although I did try.)

Proper skin care, good hydration, sunglasses and healthy lifestyle choices may help decrease the appearance of the lines once they appear however there is no evidence to suggest that they are treatments for glabellar lines in and of themselves.

A neuromodulator such as Botoxtm is far and away the best treatment for glabellar creases.   These medications block nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions and allow the muscles to relax.  The overlying skin is then able to smooth out; improving or eliminating those glabellar creases.   A typical treatment with Botoxtm  for the glabellar area is 20 units for women and 30 units for men; but remember that the amount of Botoxtm  needed to achieve the desired result varies from person to person.

You should also know that Botoxtm  takes 3 days to take effect and 14 days before the full effect is reached;  therefore, you should always return to your injector after two weeks to determine if your results are optimal or if a little more medication is needed.   Once you are optimally treated, the effects of Botoxtm will generally last from 3-5 months, depending on how actively you contract your muscles and other factors such as exercise and metabolism.  You can plan for treatment 3-4 times a year as a guide.

“I have never met anyone who’s had Botoxtm  done well who didn’t want to do it again.”

–Dr. Gwyn  @ Rejuvenate Rx—your prescription for healthy skin


Acne from all Angles

Acne can affect you no matter what your age. Acne is different for different people and skin types.

Just as our approach to skin rejuvenation is multifaceted; at Rejuvenate Rx we approach acne care from several different directions. Home skincare combined with prescription care is a good foundation, however in my opinion all individuals with acne can benefit from office procedures. Chemical peels, cryotherapy and other acne procedures are extremely helpful in controlling and clearing acne. They help to clear pores, increase cellular turnover and speed resolution of stubborn acne lesions. Combined with the proper skincare program, corrective procedures and professional maintenance have proven to be great strategies to get your skin clear and keep you clear for the long run.

If you would like to learn more, give us a call at (509)290-6149 –Dr. Gwyn

What Lies Beneath…

It’s time to work on correcting your accumulated sun damage! If you correct the sun damage now, you will not only improve the appearance of your skin but you also lessen the chances of needing skin-cancer surgery later! SkinCeuticals’ program of advanced home-care products, professional treatments and clinical procedures reverse the damage to your skin caused by sun exposure. –Dr. Gwyn



Custom Skin Care at Custom Weddings

On Saturday you have an opportunity to experience a sampling of Rejuvenate Rx’s amazing skin care and ask all those burning questions.

Custom Weddings is a completely unique experience when it comes to Bridal Shows, and so it makes perfect sense that the always distinct, Rejuvenate Rx is hittin’ the road and joining the region’s leading wedding experts. Rejuvenate’s team will take great care of the brides and their guests on Saturday, Jan. 19th.

Jaime Johnson Events produces Custom Weddings and Jaime Johnson says, “The team at Rejuvenate Rx can handle those emergency pimples the day before a wedding (Dr. Gwyn has a magic potion!), and long term skin care (like facials and Botox). Dr. Gwyn takes care of my skin and it’s been amazing! Custom Weddings is a great opportunity for our brides to sample Rejuvenate’s gifts.

As you watch the aerial flyers overhead, enjoy social hours, and visit with area event experts… you can get some one-on-one face time with Rejuvenate’s team. Dr. Gwyn and lead clinical esthetician, Kim Jarrell offer physician directed skin care. Rejuvenate offers mini facials, cryotherapy, and plenty of advice on preparing your skin (forehead to shins) for your big event.

Custom Weddings:
Saturday January 19, 2013 11am – 4pm (picture perfect, prime daylight hours beside the lake!)
Coeur d’Alene Resort Hagadone Event Center, Coeur d’Alene, ID
$10 at the door
Cool prizes, surprises, chances to win romantic getaways and a wedding dress from Storybook Bridal

Watch all the action by liking Custom Weddings on Facebook

Rejuvenate on the road!!

The mobile spa will be at Custom Weddings on January 19, 2013!

Stop the Aging of Ol’ Jack Frost!

Skin Care For Our Region’s Winter Weather… and a special opportunity for Botox.

You need to take care of your skin if you want to “age gracefully” or not at all, during the winter months. Men actually feel the winter assault on their skin more than women. Men are less likely to apply moisturizers and use harsher soaps on their skin. Plus, shaving dehydrates your skin. So men, you need to take a cue from the women in your life. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. (Some other at home remedies are below.)

Dr. Gwyn Blattau-Gay with Rejuvenate Rx says, “Cooler temperatures slow the ability of the skin’s natural substances to spread over the skin’s surface in time to adequately protect the cells from dehydration. Low humidity pulls the moisture out of unprotected skin.

To fight those wrinkles that come during the “winter phase” of your life, Rejuvenate Rx is offering a special opportunity so you can give Botox a try. Right now, you can buy Botox in the clinic for $9 a unit. For real! (Normally, it’s $12 a unit.) Botox is extremely cost effective in smoothing those frown lines. In general, lines between the brows take about 20 units, the forehead about 24 units, and those crows feet take 12-20 units. Thanks to a special offer from Rejuvenate’s vendor, you’ll reap the benefits. … and yes, more men are embracing Botox.

This is what you can expect when you visit a skin care clinic, like Rejuvenate Rx (of course!):

→ Assessment and diagnosis from Dr. Gwyn
→ Medical-grade skin care products
→ Physician-led education, prevention, treatment
→ Warm welcome, personalized care, and confidence
→ Quick fixes for that pre-event doozy of a pimple or tired skin

Here are some at-home remedies to sooth and replenish your skin:

→ Squeeze out the “jelly” from the leaves of an aloe plant, apply to skin: plants improve the air in your house, looks groovy, great for skin irritations
→ Cooled green tea bags on the eyes: decreases puffiness around the eyes
→ Lather on body lotion that contains oatmeal extract: soothes dry & flaky skin

Call for an appointment: 509-290-6194

National Healthy Skin Month

… perfect timing!

It’s National Healthy Skin Month, let’s celebrate! Dr. Gwyn and her team at Rejuvenate Rx are giving away gift certificates on 92.9 ZZU. Listen to Dave, Ken, and Molly during your morning drive, next week (Nov. 12-16).

Innovations in skin care mean it’s now even easier to improve your health, confidence, and appearance. This is the perfect month to raise awareness and educate the community about gaining healthier skin and protecting your youthful glow.

Dr. Gwyn says, “By November, we’re coping with all kinds of sun damage when our patients haven’t used enough sun block or kept themselves hydrated. Plus, we have to prepare and protect our skin for the harsh winter months.”

Reminders to keep your skin rejuvenated:

  • Sunblock & lip balm
  • Balanced diet (fruits and veggies!)
  • Increase calm, decrease stress (or at least engage in positive techniques to more effectively manage the stress)
  • Hydrate
  • Moisturize
  • Visit Dr. Gwyn at Rejuvenate Rx!

 Read this blog for more information on National Healthy Skin Month