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Loving care for your lash extensions


Full, lush eyelashes can be yours in one appointment at Rejuvenate Rx.  Eyelash extensions are individual lashes attached to your own lashes using a special bonding agent.  Once affixed, your extensions will grow along with your natural lash growth cycle.  We put together some tips to make your lash extensions a success.

When setting your appointment: Expect to spend a little over 2 hours for a full set of lashes.  Fill appointments are typically 1 hour in length.

Before your appointment:  Remove your makeup if possible.  If not, we will remove your makeup for you at the time of your appointment.   The lash adhesive works better on lashes that are completely free of any residues or oils.

After your appointment:

1)      After each application, whether a full set or a “fill,” avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours.

2)      Avoid saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools and hot tubs for 48 hours.

3)      Avoid “drenching” work outs for 48 hours.

4)      Use eye make-up and removers that are oil-free

5)      Avoid waterproof make-up, especially waterproof mascara.

6)      Wearing less make-up is better for your lash extensions.

7)      Resist urges to pull or tug on your lashes.  If your lashes are crisscrossing, use a lash wand to brush them straight from root to tip. We will provide you with a wand at your appointment.

8)      Keep your extensions beautiful and well-maintained by keeping your lash-fill appointments every 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy your beautiful lashes!  Give us a call at (509)290-6149 if you would like more information.

–Kim Jarrell, LE
Clinical Director at Rejuvenate RxLash Extensions before and after

Eyelid Eczema- Consider the Source!

When you have eczema your skin is more sensitive than someone who doesn’t have it. Eyelids are more susceptible to eczema than most areas on your body because eyelid skin is thin and very reactive to irritants.

It is important to know that the rash didn’t appear because your eczema “felt” like flaring up. Something triggered it.

In many cases, that “something” is coming in direct (or indirect) contact with the skin around your eyes. Think about metals such as nickel, tin and gold (yes even wedding rings.) Consider chemical ingredients found in shampoos, laundry detergents, skincare products, makeup, rubber gloves, sunscreens and nail polish. Sometimes winter dry skin is all that is needed to increase your sensitivity to a metal or chemical that never caused any problem before.

We at Rejuvenate Rx are ready to help figure out the cause of the problem when it starts. However, you can start your investigation right away by eliminating (or changing) some of the items above for 2-4 weeks at a time—keep track of any changes you’ve made on your calendar. If you are still stumped, come on in for help! –Dr. Gwyn

Acne from all Angles

Acne can affect you no matter what your age. Acne is different for different people and skin types.

Just as our approach to skin rejuvenation is multifaceted; at Rejuvenate Rx we approach acne care from several different directions. Home skincare combined with prescription care is a good foundation, however in my opinion all individuals with acne can benefit from office procedures. Chemical peels, cryotherapy and other acne procedures are extremely helpful in controlling and clearing acne. They help to clear pores, increase cellular turnover and speed resolution of stubborn acne lesions. Combined with the proper skincare program, corrective procedures and professional maintenance have proven to be great strategies to get your skin clear and keep you clear for the long run.

If you would like to learn more, give us a call at (509)290-6149 –Dr. Gwyn

Custom Skin Care at Custom Weddings

On Saturday you have an opportunity to experience a sampling of Rejuvenate Rx’s amazing skin care and ask all those burning questions.

Custom Weddings is a completely unique experience when it comes to Bridal Shows, and so it makes perfect sense that the always distinct, Rejuvenate Rx is hittin’ the road and joining the region’s leading wedding experts. Rejuvenate’s team will take great care of the brides and their guests on Saturday, Jan. 19th.

Jaime Johnson Events produces Custom Weddings and Jaime Johnson says, “The team at Rejuvenate Rx can handle those emergency pimples the day before a wedding (Dr. Gwyn has a magic potion!), and long term skin care (like facials and Botox). Dr. Gwyn takes care of my skin and it’s been amazing! Custom Weddings is a great opportunity for our brides to sample Rejuvenate’s gifts.

As you watch the aerial flyers overhead, enjoy social hours, and visit with area event experts… you can get some one-on-one face time with Rejuvenate’s team. Dr. Gwyn and lead clinical esthetician, Kim Jarrell offer physician directed skin care. Rejuvenate offers mini facials, cryotherapy, and plenty of advice on preparing your skin (forehead to shins) for your big event.

Custom Weddings:
Saturday January 19, 2013 11am – 4pm (picture perfect, prime daylight hours beside the lake!)
Coeur d’Alene Resort Hagadone Event Center, Coeur d’Alene, ID
$10 at the door
Cool prizes, surprises, chances to win romantic getaways and a wedding dress from Storybook Bridal

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Rejuvenate on the road!!

The mobile spa will be at Custom Weddings on January 19, 2013!