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The Convenience of Convenient Care

Rejuvenate Rx is fortunate to have a physician with over 12 years of experience on site. Gwyneth Blattau Gay, M.D. or “Dr. Gwyn” moved to Spokane from Maryland where she was a very popular physician with a bustling medicine practice.

Convenient health care includes episodic health concerns that require medical attention in a time-frame that is usually less compatible with traditional doctor’s office visits. Colds, coughs, earaches, eye infections, bronchitis, asthma flares, sinusitis, flu, heartburn, urinary infections, minor strains/sprains, skin rashes, warts, nail infections, dog/cat bites, skin infections, burns, cuts and scrapes are issues that lend themselves readily to quick, convenient medical treatment.

Because Rejuvenate Rx doesn’t participate with insurance companies we can keep our costs low and pass those savings to you by offering much more reasonable rates for office visits than you will find at other medical offices, urgent cares or emergency rooms. This benefits those without insurance and those with high insurance deductibles for “sick” visits. Please note this as well: If you have insurance to cover prescriptions and tests, you will still be able to use that coverage to cover those costs if Dr. Gwyn thinks they are necessary for your treatment.

Same day appointments are available! Single-issue visits are only $75. We’ll see you soon!

Medical Care

Rx's team treats your every-day health problems: convenient, fast, affordable medical care.

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