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Bikini Waxing

So Many Hairs, So Many Technicians! How to Choose the Right Bikini-Waxing Experience
One of the many services we provide here at Rejuvenate Rx is waxing. Our seasoned experts have fine-tuned what is needed to have an exceptional waxing experience. We know that there are many other local businesses offering this delicate service so we thought to help you distinguish the best standards as you seek out where and if you should wax– especially now that bathing suit season is upon us.
Before you set foot in a treatment room there are a couple things you can do to ensure your best results:
1. Exfoliate the bikini area beforehand using light, upward motions to release trapped hairs that can be forced back into the skin.
2. Stop shaving– ¼ inch hair length is ideal.
3. Discontinue Retinol products for 3 days prior to your appointment and inform your provider that you are using Retinol.

Once you are in the treatment receiving your waxing service, please make sure your choice is a safe one by paying attention to how your technician is performing the task:
• Sanitation is first and foremost. Bacteria can be transferred through waxing which can cause serious infections such as Staph or even MRSA.
• Gloves are a must when waxing the pubic region.
• Once the wax has been applied to the skin, the same stick should never be re-dipped into the wax.

Pain management is a concern that should be managed including quick wax removal followed by pressing on the area as soon as the wax has been lifted. The technician should use a product to soothe the skin and protect it after the treatment.

A post-treatment product regimen is ideal to use at home to help you avoid the inflammation of ingrown hairs. At Rejuvenate Rx, we offer the products below as homecare during your 3-4 weeks of grow out (1/4 inch is ideal) until you are ready for the next session.
Rejuvenate Rx Post- Care Recommendations for bikini waxing:
Clarisonic Pro Body –Head to toe ultrasonic exfoliation.
Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Serum- -antibacterial with anti-inflammatory properties
Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5

After a few regular waxing cycles your hair will get on a stable grow-out cycle. The more you do this service, the less discomfort you will experience at each treatment. As an added bonus, your hair will grow back sparser with continued waxing.
Our estheticians at Rejuvenate Rx are here Monday – Saturday to help you with all your waxing needs. Feel free to call us with any question or concerns. Let us show you what exceptional care is all about.