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Come see us at the Health Beauty Spa Show this weekend!

This Saturday and Sunday you can grab some one-on-one with Dr. Gwyn and Kim, sample some of Rejuvenate Rx’s amazing skin care, and ask all those burning questions.

It’s a rare opportunity to have such access to physician directed skin care, and Dr. Gwyn and Clinical Esthetician, Kim Jarrell will offer mini facials with cryotherapy, and plenty of guidance to help you find your finest glow.

January 18-19, 2014
Saturday 12-6 / Sunday 12-5
Spokane Community College Lair

Pamper yourself with an array of mini spa sessions… including massage, skin care, airbrush tanning, brow waxing, mini facials, anti-aging treatments, manicures, mini make overs, and much more.

Admission is $10, which includes select free services. You can buy added services for $5 each.

You’ll find great discounts and coupons for a free spa treatment on Facebook for followers…. and online.

We’ll see you soon!

Are you angry?

Glabellar lines (also called frown lines) are vertical lines that appear between the eyebrows as we get older.  Over time, repeated muscle contraction combined with less skin elasticity results in those lines becoming visible even when we are not frowning.   As we age, muscles may also develop some residual tonicity (incomplete muscle relaxation) that makes the creases visible even when we are “relaxed.”

What to do about it?

Refraining from knitting your eyebrows is one technique for avoiding glabellar creases.  This may work for those of us who are able to employ this strategy.  I tend to knit my brows at the slightest need for concentration (epic fail on that one although I did try.)

Proper skin care, good hydration, sunglasses and healthy lifestyle choices may help decrease the appearance of the lines once they appear however there is no evidence to suggest that they are treatments for glabellar lines in and of themselves.

A neuromodulator such as Botoxtm is far and away the best treatment for glabellar creases.   These medications block nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions and allow the muscles to relax.  The overlying skin is then able to smooth out; improving or eliminating those glabellar creases.   A typical treatment with Botoxtm  for the glabellar area is 20 units for women and 30 units for men; but remember that the amount of Botoxtm  needed to achieve the desired result varies from person to person.

You should also know that Botoxtm  takes 3 days to take effect and 14 days before the full effect is reached;  therefore, you should always return to your injector after two weeks to determine if your results are optimal or if a little more medication is needed.   Once you are optimally treated, the effects of Botoxtm will generally last from 3-5 months, depending on how actively you contract your muscles and other factors such as exercise and metabolism.  You can plan for treatment 3-4 times a year as a guide.

“I have never met anyone who’s had Botoxtm  done well who didn’t want to do it again.”

–Dr. Gwyn  @ Rejuvenate Rx—your prescription for healthy skin


Exfoliation Exposed

We are always eager to increase the turnover and sloughing of dull skin cells that are sitting on our skin’s surface.  There are right ways and wrong ways to attempt to do this.

Mechanical exfoliants such as scrubs and exfoliating “gadgets” can provide exfoliation, however if the superficial skin cells are too adherent to the surface, you will end up disrupting the skin’s barrier, leading to moisture loss and further exacerbation of your rough or dry skin condition. Worse, if you use scrubs made of shells, seeds or other “non-smooth” substances you add scratches and abrasions to the mix of already unhappy skin.

Your best bet is to seek consultation with a skin care specialist who can evaluate your skin type and condition to develop a program of clinical and home-based skin care solutions.  Give us a call if you would like to know more. 

–Dr. Gwyn @ Rejuvenate Rx 509-290-6149

Nail Advice

As a skincare and medical professional, I am often asked about nail health. I found a good article recently that had some great guidelines to protect your nails and the skin around them. – Dr. Gwyn

Patient Advice for Healthy Nail Care

1. Purchase a set of your own instruments and take them to the nail salon for the technicians to use; especially
if you visit the nail salon regularly.

2. Chemicals, detergents, excess moisture, and trauma are harmful to nails. Avoid them when

3. Wear gloves for household chores, gardening, and mechanical manipulations.

4. Avoid overaggressive nail technicians; remember the cuticle protects the nail matrix which when
injured, results in a damaged and/or weakened nail plate and could even cause permanent scarring.

5. Nails are not screwdrivers, scrapers, or staple removers; do not use them as such.

6. Use caution with extra-long nails; they may easily result in substantial injury to the nail unit
and its components.

Source: Cutis Volume 89 April 2012

Night at The Calm, an evening with Dr. Gwyn

Dr. Gwyn is looking forward to her “night at The Calm”. She’s ready to share some skincare secrets, tips, and plenty of joy.

Join us: April 11, 2013 @ 6:30… feel free to arrive when you are able, and join the conversation.

In first person, from Dr. Gwyn:
The earlier we start caring for our skin properly, the better. Skin care isn’t something you can take for granted. Many of us go along with our daily routine, then wake up one day and look in the mirror and say “wow” I really need to do something. That level of “awakening” varies from one person to another and affects individuals differently at various ages. Fortunately there are measures we can take to improve our skin, regardless of age.
I love being in a relaxed and fun environment where we can share knowledge and experiences. Sharing demonstrations always evokes such positive and enthusiastic responses, like “I didn’t know you could do that!”

When I’m at the Calm I feel at home with friends. It’s a warm, inclusive atmosphere that we have always enjoyed. It provides a safe space where it’s okay to explore and ask questions. And we can provide the answers.

What Lies Beneath…

It’s time to work on correcting your accumulated sun damage! If you correct the sun damage now, you will not only improve the appearance of your skin but you also lessen the chances of needing skin-cancer surgery later! SkinCeuticals’ program of advanced home-care products, professional treatments and clinical procedures reverse the damage to your skin caused by sun exposure. –Dr. Gwyn



Discover Epidermal Repair by SkinCeuticals

Skin sometimes needs a pampering hand.  Environmental stresses, rejuvenating treatments, home procedures, active cleansing and toning can all lead to skin that needs a product to help with healing a compromised outer barrier.

Epidermal Repair by SkinCeuticals is a remarkable product.  I can’t tell you how many of my patients rave about how it helps their skin both after treatments and whenever their skin is feeling a little “sensitive.” Some of my patients use it every night as part of their bedtime regimen.


• Encourages rapid healing of skin and

restoration of the protective barrier

• Relieves and rehabilitates sensitive, irritated skin

• Helps diminish signs of inflammation and redness

• Non-occlusive, quick absorption


• Post-Procedure patients – for use during a series of

treatments and 2-3 weeks following

• Daily use for dry, sensitive skin

• Daily use for skin sensitized by retinoid and other

rejuvenating treatments

• Windburned or sunburned skin

To learn more, give us a call or contact us at –Dr. Gwyn