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Dermaplaning at Rejuvenate Rx

Our clients absolutely love dermaplaning!

Dermaplaning is a great way to exfoliate down to newer skin using a fine blade to remove old skin cells.   Although it is a very effective treatment, few people are aware of this technique and fewer practitioners perform it.   Dermaplaning requires medical equipment and specialized training to perform properly.

Despite the skill set needed to perform it, dermaplaning is a very simple, safe and effective treatment.  Nowadays, many medical estheticians and physicians choose dermaplaning as their method of choice for clinical exfoliation.   This technique also allows  superior product penetration when coupled with other medical-grade exfoliation procedures.  As an added bonus say “Good-bye” to facial fuzz and “Hello” to gorgeous makeup.

Want to improve texture, tone, pigmentation, hydration and fine lines all in one treatment?  Dermaplaning is outstanding by itself however at Rejuvenate Rx we use it principally as the first step in our rejuvenating treatment known as the SkinCeuticals MicroPeel.    Come in to try this premier anti-aging corrective skin care treatment (affectionately known as “the peel without any peeling.”) There is no downtime; your skin will not be red or irritated and the results are spectacular.

Consultations are complimentary.  Come in and see us or call (509)290-6149 to find out more.

The MicroPeel Deal

skincare2I recommend MicroPeels to anyone who wishes to combat skin damage and intrinsic skin aging.  You will love how your skin looks and feels after each and every one!

There is absolutely no down time for healing.  There is no soreness, no redness, no flaking or sloughing with a MicroPeel.

The MicroPeel is both a rejuvenating and correcting skin procedure that is performed in a medical setting. It is a patented, three-step process.  First, a physical exfoliation removes the superficial layer of dead cells. Next, a chemical peel specifically tailored to your skin type is applied to promote the second exfoliation. The treatment is completed with Cryogenic Therapy which exfoliates the just-treated epidermal layer and soothes your skin.

The MicroPeel performed in a series of 4-6 procedures has been shown to have clinical results comparable to a high-cost mid-dermal chemical peel; yet at a much lower cost and without any downtime for post-procedural healing.

A MicroPeel series is one the most effective, most convenient and most cost-effective methods of skin rejuvenation that I have seen since I became a medical skin specialist.  Call us if you would like to know more. 

-Dr. Gwyn

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