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Rejuvenate Rx’s Holiday Open House— we are so thankful for YOU!

You have become our friends and cheerleaders. We are so grateful for your respect and confidence in referring us to your friends and family… these are true gifts.

We are especially excited we’ll get a chance to hang out with you at our open house on Thursday, December 12th from 4-6 pm. AKA, “the gratitude party”. We want to treat you to special deals just for you, swag bags, chair massages, cool demos and groovy prize.  There will be some yummy snacks and champagne (which is always a plus.)

Let’s celebrate a year’s hard work and joy moments, and toast a new year of fabulous, healthy skin.

Can’t wait to see you there!

–Dr. Gwyn, Kim and Chris at Rejuvenate Rx

Stop the Aging of Ol’ Jack Frost!

Skin Care For Our Region’s Winter Weather… and a special opportunity for Botox.

You need to take care of your skin if you want to “age gracefully” or not at all, during the winter months. Men actually feel the winter assault on their skin more than women. Men are less likely to apply moisturizers and use harsher soaps on their skin. Plus, shaving dehydrates your skin. So men, you need to take a cue from the women in your life. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. (Some other at home remedies are below.)

Dr. Gwyn Blattau-Gay with Rejuvenate Rx says, “Cooler temperatures slow the ability of the skin’s natural substances to spread over the skin’s surface in time to adequately protect the cells from dehydration. Low humidity pulls the moisture out of unprotected skin.

To fight those wrinkles that come during the “winter phase” of your life, Rejuvenate Rx is offering a special opportunity so you can give Botox a try. Right now, you can buy Botox in the clinic for $9 a unit. For real! (Normally, it’s $12 a unit.) Botox is extremely cost effective in smoothing those frown lines. In general, lines between the brows take about 20 units, the forehead about 24 units, and those crows feet take 12-20 units. Thanks to a special offer from Rejuvenate’s vendor, you’ll reap the benefits. … and yes, more men are embracing Botox.

This is what you can expect when you visit a skin care clinic, like Rejuvenate Rx (of course!):

→ Assessment and diagnosis from Dr. Gwyn
→ Medical-grade skin care products
→ Physician-led education, prevention, treatment
→ Warm welcome, personalized care, and confidence
→ Quick fixes for that pre-event doozy of a pimple or tired skin

Here are some at-home remedies to sooth and replenish your skin:

→ Squeeze out the “jelly” from the leaves of an aloe plant, apply to skin: plants improve the air in your house, looks groovy, great for skin irritations
→ Cooled green tea bags on the eyes: decreases puffiness around the eyes
→ Lather on body lotion that contains oatmeal extract: soothes dry & flaky skin

Call for an appointment: 509-290-6194

The Convenience of Convenient Care

Rejuvenate Rx is fortunate to have a physician with over 12 years of experience on site. Gwyneth Blattau Gay, M.D. or “Dr. Gwyn” moved to Spokane from Maryland where she was a very popular physician with a bustling medicine practice.

Convenient health care includes episodic health concerns that require medical attention in a time-frame that is usually less compatible with traditional doctor’s office visits. Colds, coughs, earaches, eye infections, bronchitis, asthma flares, sinusitis, flu, heartburn, urinary infections, minor strains/sprains, skin rashes, warts, nail infections, dog/cat bites, skin infections, burns, cuts and scrapes are issues that lend themselves readily to quick, convenient medical treatment.

Because Rejuvenate Rx doesn’t participate with insurance companies we can keep our costs low and pass those savings to you by offering much more reasonable rates for office visits than you will find at other medical offices, urgent cares or emergency rooms. This benefits those without insurance and those with high insurance deductibles for “sick” visits. Please note this as well: If you have insurance to cover prescriptions and tests, you will still be able to use that coverage to cover those costs if Dr. Gwyn thinks they are necessary for your treatment.

Same day appointments are available! Single-issue visits are only $75. We’ll see you soon!

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Skin Care

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