Convenient Medical Care

“I feel sick… ” This is when you need quick access to a doctor.
As a convenient care clinic, the medical staff diagnoses and treats every-day illnesses such as respiratory illness, sinus infections, eye and ear infections, skin infections and cold sores… plus common skin conditions like warts and skin rashes.

Rejuvenate Rx is part of an expanding health care trend: “convenient care” includes companies and doctors that provide patients with accessible, affordable, quality healthcare in “retail-based” locations. It’s easy to get an appointment. You have a medical issue and you don’t always want to wait weeks to see your regular doctor.

Rejuvenate Rx is a clinic name AND a call to action.

As Dr. Gwyn specializes in internal medicine, her insight as to what’s actually causing your illness or skin care problem (instead of just addressing the symptoms) generates real solutions for prevention and treatment.

Rejuvenate Rx offers what you need: targeted skin care programs and convenient medical care that really works for you.